Wines of the Mornington Peninsula

The Varieties of Wines of the Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula boasts some of the most beautiful and challenging wine regions in Australia. Its cool climate and sandy beaches have made it an ideal location for growing grape varietals that can be harvested in the short summer season. With hundreds of wineries scattered around the Peninsular, Mornington Peninsula is home to some of the most prestigious names in Australian wine. Here are some easy-to-find wines to seek out in this scenic region, including the award-winning Paringa Shiraz.

Known as Australia’s most sultry wine region, Mornington Peninsula prides itself on its grape-growing capacity, providing the country with some of the choicest varietal offerings. The cool, fresh air, clean slate slopes and abundant sunshine provide the perfect growing conditions for vineyards throughout the year. Winemakers here use a variety of methods to make their wines stand out, but one thing they all share is a love of versatility and complex flavor.

Some of the best vintages come from Mornington Peninsula, particularly Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The cool mornings, breezy summers and deep shade provided by the Peninsular allow vineyards to develop lush, balanced vines that flower year-round. Vintages from this area usually boast sharp, oak flavors that call to the palate for a taste that goes beyond the traditional red. With hints of tannin and spice, the flavors can even be savored on a dessert or mixed with a young, fruity beverage. Sweet fruit flavors also dominate the offerings from Mornington Peninsula, which makes it a fantastic place to enjoy a full-bodied wine without feeling too full.

There are dozens of excellent vineyards to choose from throughout the entire winery district, but two of the most popular varieties are produced right at the heart of Mornington Peninsula: Cabernet and pinot noir. Of course, these grape varieties aren’t limited to producing only a single variety. A strong aroma that seems to linger throughout the room is often associated with a good Cabernet Sauvignon while a soft, gentle flavor is often associated with a pinot noir. Many of these grape varieties are used to produce not only pinot noir and Shiraz, but they also make excellent table wines as well.

Of course, nothing on the Mornington Peninsula would be complete without a glass of gorgeous, glass-bottomed white. While pinot noir and Shiraz dominate the market, fortunately there are plenty of excellent white varietals to pair with the rich offerings from Mornington Peninsula. Many local winemakers begin their year with the planting of their vines in anticipation of picking their crops in autumn. Once the harvest arrives, however, they begin processing the grapes into wine, so the wines produced on the peninsula have a long and healthy life span. Wines from this part of the world are considered exquisite and some of the best in the world!

In addition to the more traditional varieties of wine, there are also other types of grape used in the process of making Wines of the Mornington Peninsula. Several varieties have been developed primarily for Wines of the Peninsula, and all share certain characteristics. They tend to be tart and lively, with big, bold flavors and aromas. They also require a lot of sun to thrive, so that means the majority of vineyards in this region have a long history of planting the seeds just before the sun begins to go down. This ensures that the vineyards will always have an ample supply of grapes in order to harvest fresh, delicious grapes each and every growing season.

Some of the best Wines of the Peninsula are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, which is considered the most ideal grape for producing sweet and balanced Wines of the Peninsula. Merlot is another great variety for Wines of the Mornington Peninsula, as it makes a full-bodied wine that is very well-matured. Cabernet Sauvignon can even be used to produce a Merlot-like wine called Bordeaux Nouveau, which means “of the south”. This wine is made exclusively from the Merlot grape in France.

One of the more unique and delicious varieties of Wines of the Mornington Peninsula is the Syrah. While the grape varieties grown in the Mornington are mainly Cabernet Sauvignons, this variety has a very unique flavor that is unique only to itself. It is actually rarer than Cabernet Sauvignon but has a unique taste that is hard to describe. If you are ever fortunate enough to taste a Syrah wine, you will likely not be able to mistake it for any other wine that is made from the same grape variety. But, if you aren’t a wine connoisseur, you will probably be able to distinguish a Syrah from any other white wine.