Discover the Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Trofeo Estate – Discover the Mornington Peninsula Winery

If you are traveling to the beautiful state of Victoria , one of the most important places to stop in is the famous Mornington Peninsula. Here, you will have the chance to visit numerous wineries. There is also the option of spending a day touring the vineyards of this region. The Wineries from Mornington Peninsula is located just one hour away from Boston and is going to be a fun excursion for the day tripper as well as the tourist.

Mornington Peninsula Winery Region

Wineries located in the Mornington Peninsula Winery Region were founded in 1856. One of our favourites is Trefeo Estate – A great Mornington Peninsula Winery Here are some of the most famous vintners in the country. Their award-winning wines were featured in “The Melbourne Wineries Guide” as well as “The Mornington Peninsula Wine List.” It’s well worth it to visit this region of the nation if you plan to take your family on a vacation or host a picnic.

The wineries in the Mornington Peninsula Winery Region can be reached through the world-renowned ferry service that links Queenscliff and the Island of Portsea’s Vineyard. You can also take this ferry to Yarmouth and it is just a few minutes away from the wineries. These wineries are located all along the coast, and are with beautiful vegetation as well as water. There is no way to top the view from these places. In the course of one day, you can see the apple farms, apple farmers and a variety of berries like cranberries, plums blueberries, and a lot more. It will definitely ensure that your day is a relaxing one, and you might want to make a full day of it!

If you’re looking for an afternoon in relaxation and rejuvenation a trip to the Mornington Peninsula Winery Region would not be complete without a short drive away. Victoria Falls is a spectacular natural tourist spot which has attracted many thousands of people throughout many years. A trip there is like nothing else in the world and you will really be grateful that you took the effort to go to it. There is a possibility to go on a day tour and be awestruck by the beauty of the falls and the surrounding area too.

Of course, there’s no doubt that a visit to Victoria could not be incomplete without tasting the amazing wines that are made right in the Mornington Peninsula Winery Region of Victoria. There is a wide range of vineyards here that have been award winning in the past. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are some of the most sought-after wines. Merlot is another popular choice. It will amaze you with the range and quality of the wines that are available.

An organized tour is the most effective option to get a taste of Mornington Peninsula’s different wines. Numerous vineyards offer tastings at no cost to guests. You can sample all of the varieties that can be found as well as have the chance to visit the entire vineyard during this special occasion. During your tour, you can stop at various locations to enjoy the lunch or perhaps relax outside to enjoy a lunch picnic. Bring tables for breakfast at the principal ridge.

Another alternative is driving down to the area and take only a couple of minutes. You can visit all the vineyards and towns within a single day. It is possible to stop off at the renowned Daytons Vineyard that is situated close to the center of the winery region. Take a picnic lunch and relax at one of the tables on the wineries. You can dine at your own leisure, choosing one of the many local restaurants or perhaps stop by one of the huge estate winery tasting rooms for dinner.

The perfect place to enjoy your romantic event at Trofeo Winery Restaurant. The restaurant will serve a delectable 3-course dinner, and the red hill wine. You can even enjoy an ice cold glass of wine through the cellar’s private door. After a lovely evening you can continue along your short drive home to your very own log cabin set in the forest. It truly was an unforgettable moment that will leave lasting impressions.