Australian Winery Regions

The Australian Winery Regions is the home to some of the finest wines in Australia. While each region is unique, there are some common features shared by wineries within this group. Wineries must have a restaurant on-site with views of the vineyards. They may also offer food directly from the farm, picnic areas or both. Each region usually has 12 wineries. About half of these wines originate in Australia, and half are exported to Australia.

Australian Winery Regions

Both the first and second Australian Winery Regions are located in Adelaide, Australia. The third area that I’d like to introduce you to are the Central Australia Wineries. This area is south of Sydney, in the Hunter Valley. Three wineries are located in the wine region: Alpine Vineyard with their White Zinfandel, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, as well Mount Gambier’s Mount Gay, which is also in Adelaide.

The second of the Australian Winery Regions I’d like to introduce you to are the Barossa Valley Wineries. They are situated at the base the Blackall Range, in the Barossa Vale. Blackall Peak, Blackall Falls and Mt Beauty are three peaks within this area that attract climbers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The vines are used to make sparkling wines. In this region, there are eight wineries.

The last Australian Winery Region we’ll discuss is the cooler climate vineyards in regions like Geelong, Melbourne and Southport Vintners. These vineyards produce some of the best Pinot Noir grapes. These grapes are used in the finest Italian and international wine brands. They are open all year due to the cool climate. They can use grapes from their vineyards all year round because of the cooler climate, rather than waiting for warmer weather.

As you now know, most Australian vineyards do not have the modern air conditioning systems or even refrigeration systems needed in order to be profitable. However, there are a growing number of wineries producing great wine with the aid of state of the art equipment. One winery in particular that is becoming quite well known is the Maleny Cellars in New South Wales. The winery produces a range of wines using grapes grown locally. Many of the grapes used in this wine come from the southern regions of New South Wales.

Victoria’s Yarra Valley Wines is one of Australia’s most well-known wineries. There are many grape varieties, including Bianco and Zappos. While most of their wines are dry reds, they also have an array of whites available. Their tasting room allows you to taste several of their wines to help you determine which of their white wines are your favorites.

Kewale Vineyard is another great Australian winery. This Australian vineyard has two locations in Sydney, each with their own unique style of winery. The cooler climate of the inner part of Sydney allows these vineyards to produce cooler climates wines, while the warmer climate of the outer area produces warmer wines. The cool climate and plentiful supply of grape seed enable this vineyard to continue producing varietal grapes throughout the year.

If you love Australia and travel a lot then taking a winery tour through the wine regions is a must. A winery tour will allow you to see and taste some of Australia’s finest wines. You will be able to see the vineyards from the sea, thanks to these winery tours.